Our Brands

Brands are much more than impersonal identifiers for a company. They are flag bearers of diverse design dynamics, enriched by various cultural and traditional influences from their place of origin. Fabiia’s own love and passion for art, design and craftsmanship have brought about this confluence of multicultural ethos under one platform. Collaborating with a wide range of reputed design and manufacturing brands of furniture and lighting from across the globe, Fabiia presents a vibrant and eclectic collection for you!

The simplicity and functionality of the Scandinavian design have influences of the Nordic hygge philosophy of comfort and contentment. The Danish brands in Fabiia’s repertoire include celebrated names like Normann Copenhagen and Sika Design known the world over for their elegant contemporary rattan furniture and lighting for both interior and exterior settings. Lighting solutions from Ebb‘n’Flow and Daro illumine diverse interiors with their creations. The Swedish brand Belid delights with its wonderful lighting while TON brings Czech aesthetics to its bentwood furniture style. Fritz Hansen from Denmark brings excellence in furniture design with its unique furniture range. The emphasis on minimalism and sustainability and association with iconic designers like Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner has made this a coveted brand for premium living spaces.

Fabiia’s vast range of products from Vincent Shepperd, the Belgian furniture brand includes the pioneering Llyod Loom creations that have given the brand its enduring appeal. Italian design brands are set apart by their signature style and detailed finishes. Ethimo ‘s array revolutionizes the concept of outdoor furniture while Fast Spa has cemented its place through its contemporary and durable furniture for outdoor living. One can only marvel at the versatility and enthusiasm Miniforms brings to the table with its vibrant furniture and lighting range. The craftsmanship of Modo Luce’s hand-pleated lampshades can enhance any conceivable space with design brightness. Lighting options from Le Klint are remarkable for their exquisite craftsmanship and hand folding methods.

A common thread that runs across all the brands in Fabiia’s platform, including our in-house furniture range Fabiia Signature, is the unwavering commitment to quality and dedication to customer satisfaction. Custom and bespoke furniture and lighting from many of the brands have made them coveted names across hospitality, contract and residential environments. An ergonomic and innovative range of office furniture comes from Viasit and Pledge. 

The vibrant and colourful landscape of Portugal is reflected in brands originating from there. Domkapa furniture signifies plush comfort while Brabbu celebrates boldness in design. A mellifluous tone runs through DelightFULL’s lighting creations, inspired as they are by music and the arts. Luxxu lighting spells opulence and Koket brightens spaces with their lighting magic. Bethan Gray’s haute designs are cherished items indeed. And what does one say about the Parisian elegance that Drucker chairs bring along with them?!

The sheer variety in terms of design styles and craftsmanship in Fabiia’s collection of furniture, lighting and accessories from diverse brands makes us the one-stop-shop for multiple architectural design requirements. Do browse through!